Dear Harry,

This letter isn’t like everyone else’s. You didn’t save me. You didn’t heal me. You never even met me. I wish I could say these thing but I can’t. I never had anything to be saved from. I wasn’t broken or depressed. I was fine. I am fine. But what you did was make me stronger. Better. Happier. You helped me see the good in people and to not judge a book by its cover. You taught me to not listen to the people who tried to break me down. You taught me to always be positive no matter how bad the situation. You helped me be more selfless and put others before myself. You helped me find the person I always wanted to be.
You provide a distraction from the real world. Whenever I feel anxious or overwhelmed I think about you. I think about your voice and your laugh. I replay all your stupid jokes. I think about what it would feel like to have a hug from you. I imagine the way I would feel when I look up into your green eyes for the first time. How my stomach would get butterflies when you stare into mine, even if just for a second. I imagine what it would be like to meet my idol. They say to never meet your idol. I think about if you would live up to my expectations. But then I realize that there is no way you couldn’t. I love you for you. Just a dorky guy who loves music and has the cutest dimples in the world. I’m not hoping to meet the celebrity Harry but the real Harry. The one who loves to laugh. The one who loves to make others smile. Not the womanizer or the bad boy.
After writing this I realized you kind of did save me. Not from death but from myself. I was my worst enemy but you helped me get over that without me realizing it. So thank you, Harry, for being you. I love you more than words could ever explain. Way more than I will ever comprehend. So one day when you’re old and have grandchildren and are reminiscing the days when you were famous just know you still own a piece of my heart. Know that if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. That you have changed my life and many others around the world.
Love always.

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Your Day Off - A Harry Styles One Shot

You sigh as you drop another pile of work on your kitchen counter. Life has been really hectic lately. You’ve been packed with work from school and you just got a promotion at your job that requires you to work more. Thankfully you have a few days off. Now you can finally catch up on some much needed sleep. Speaking of sleep you kick off your heels and unzip your dress dropping it to the floor. You pull back the sheets on your bed and slide in. The cool fabric falls on you and it’s the most heavenly feeling. You rest your head on the fluffy pillow and let your eyes flutter close.
Moments later you are awaken from your sleep by a harsh knock on the door. You groan and climb out of bed taking the sheet with you. You fling the door open to reveal that the wake up call was your boyfriend, Harry.
“Babe, what are you doing here?” You groan and run your hand over your face.
“Don’t sound so excited to see me.” He jokes and steps inside. Harry looks you up and down, “Did I wake you, love?”
“No, white sheets are the new rave in the fashion world.” You reply sarcastically and drag yourself to your bed with Harry on your tail.
“You’re sassy when you’re tired.” He laughs as you climb into bed.
“Why are you here anyway?” He question as your eyes struggle to stay open.
Harry kicks off his worn boots and takes off those dreadfully skinny jeans. “I wanted to see you. I missed you.” He climbs into your bed and cuddles up behind you.
You turn around and he wraps his arm around you bringing you closer.
“I just saw you earlier, babe.” You giggle and kiss his cheek.
He pouts, “Do you want me to leave?”
“No! No, absolutely not.” You cling onto him tighter. “I was just giving you a hard time.”
Harry chuckles and presses his lips to yours. “Get some sleep, babe. I won’t leave.”
You happily drift to sleep in Harry’s arms.
The next morning you wake up to an empty bed next to you. You groan and wipe your eyes before standing up to hunt for Harry. As soon as you exit the bedroom you can smell the sweet scent of French toast and hear Harry’s beautiful voice humming it’s own tune. You sneak up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist. He turns and flashes you that dimpled smile you just love.
“Good morning, babe!” You smile and get on your tip toes to peck his lips.
He smiles down at you and jokes, “I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed, but I guess now that you are here you can help.” He knows how much you despise cooking.
“I was never here.” You laugh and run off back to bed. You hear his laugh as you flop down on the bed. With a glance around the room you decide you should probably change while Harry finished cooking. You trod over to your closet and take out a tank top and pajama shorts. Putting pajamas on in the morning? This will be a good day. When you walk out if the closet you smell a strange scent.
“Harry! Did you burn the food?” You shout into the other room.
“Go back to bed, Y/N, and stop questioning the chef!” He shouts back.
You giggle to yourself and climb back into your very inviting bed. Moments later Harry comes in holding a tray of food. He lays it on the foot of the bed and climbs into the stop next to you.
“Mmm.” You say and crawl down to bring it closer to y’all. You look around the display if French toast, fruit, and coffee. “I don’t now what this is for.” You joke as you toss one of the two forks to the side.
Harry laughs and tickles you. “You better share. I slaved away in that kitchen for you.”
You laugh uncontrollably and try to shove him off you. “Okay. Okay.” You manage to say through the giggles. Harry sits back and you fix your shirt. “I’ll share but I get to pick the movie.”
He smiles at you and grabs a strawberry off the plate. “Whatever you say, babe. It’s your day off anyway.”
You leap towards the remote in excitement and hit the power button. Your favorite movie is already in the player so you don’t even have to get up to change it. As soon as you hit the play button Harry burst into laughter.
“I should of known.”
You hush him as your favorite movie begins to play on the tv. Y’all finish breakfast and spend the rest of the day in your apartment watching movies. It’s the perfect way to spend your day off. You have the one you love next to you, yummy food, and hot guys in movies. What more could a girl ask for?

Hey! I hope y’all liked this one! This is for all the anons who wanted cute Harry imagines, but didn’t give a name! Btw requests are open but if you want one you must give a specific situation!

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Ooh so I wrote another one shot but my friend is sleeping over tonight so I’ll proofread it tomorrow and post it. Also, I get a lot of requests for a cute Harry imagine with no details or names so basically this one is fulfilling those lol

If you send a request it’s a lot easier for me to write if you give details and I will write it sooner

Thanks for reading! Love ya, babes!

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Anonymous asked: I love you! you are so good

Thanks, babe! I love you!

Request for hellocupcakeposts!

"Y/N, I’m so sorry."
You look up through your wet eyelashes at your now ex-boyfriend, Harry. He kneels down in front of you as the tears continue to stream down your face.
“Baby, you deserve better. You need someone who can be here for you whenever you need him. Someone who can kiss you goodnight. Someone you can see in person and not through skype calls. And no matter how much I want to be that guy, I can’t. I love you so much, Y/N. I’m only trying to do what’s best for you.” Harry says with tears flooding his own green orbs. He stands up and kisses you on the forehead before turning around and walking out of your life.
That was three months ago. Now Harry is on a world tour with his band and you can’t help but think that he probably doesn’t even remember you. But you remember him. Every second of every hour of every day. He is everywhere you go. You can still smell the scent of his cologne on his pillow. You feel the emptiness beside you on the couch while you watch movies. You miss the extra pair of hands while you’re cooking. Nothing feels the same without him there and you don’t know what to do. Because no matter how many times you have tried to convince yourself that you were okay, your life had revolved around him and there is a now a gaping whole in it.
The doorbell rings and interrupts your thoughts. You quickly scurry off the couch and across the living room. You are shocked when you open the door to reveal your mom.
“Mom! What are you doing here?!” You grab her into a hug trying your best to avoid the containers she is holding.
Your mom laughs and pulls away, “I was cooking your favorite meal at home and it made me miss you. So I decided to stop by and thought we can eat together. You haven’t had dinner yet have you?”
“No,” you smile and shake your head. “I’m starving.”
She laughs again and follows you into your dining room. She sets down the container on the table and opens it up to reveal your favorite childhood meal. You used to get so excited when she would make this for you as a child but this time the smell alone made you feel sick. You quickly rush to the bathroom.
“Sweetie, are you okay?” Your mom shows up behind you and rubs your back as you get sick in the toilet.
Once you are done you brush your teeth and go lay down on the couch.
“Here.” You look up at your mom as she places a cool towel across your forehead.
“I’ll be fine, mom. This has been happening a lot lately. I’ve gotten used to it.” You explain and sit up a little.
Your mom looks at you curiously, “What do you mean it’s been happening a lot lately? Do you have the flu?”
You shake your head, “No, just sometimes I get really nauseous. I’m not really sure what it is.”
Your mom ponders the thought for a moment and then looks at you with wide eyed.
“What?” You question worried.
“Honey, do you… Do you think you could be…pregnant?” She stammers and looks at you with compassionate eyes.
You think back a few months ago. You and Harry were always very careful so you don’t know how that could even happen. Unless something broke. Oh my God. Fear takes over your being as you look at your mom with teary eyes.
“I don’t know. Oh my God. Mom, what if I am? I would be a single mother.” You feel the tears start to well up and she pulls you into her shoulder. She rubs your back in an attempt to comfort you.
“Shhh, honey. If you are pregnant I’ll be here for you. It will be hard but I know you can do it.”
You pull away from her shoulder and wipe your tears away.
“Do you want me to go get you a pregnancy test?”
You shake your head and she looks at you in disapproval. “I have one here in case anything like this happened.”
She nods as you get up and head back to the bathroom. You dig in the cabinet under the sink until you find the pink, rectangular box. You take a deep breath and open it up.
What felt like hours later you walk back into the living room with the test in hand. Your mom looks up at you and you start to cry. You drop the positive pregnancy test to the ground as she gathers you into a tight hug.
One week and a few doctors appointments go by and you know you are definitely pregnant. 5 months to be exact. You never even realized the changes in your body. Yes, you gained a little weight but not much and you just blamed it on the breakup. The realization of a baby being in you is just starting and it scares you. You have to tell Harry but you don’t know how. You think about calling him but you are too scared to. You decide to take a pic of your stomach and send him a quick text, “Hey, Dad.”
You never receive a response from Harry and you expect the worst. You saw that he read it two days ago. The door to your apartment swings open and you jump up from the couch. You drop you phone to the floor when you recognize who is standing in the doorway. Harry.
“Baby, I’m so sorry.” He rushes over and pulls you into his chest. “I’ll never leave you or our child again. I love you so much and I’ve missed you more than you will ever know.”
He sweeps you into a kiss. You forget everything that has happened for the moment and just revel in the fact that Harry is back. Hopefully for good this time.

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Ship for fresh-aze(I really like your url btw)
I ship you with Liam!
Your best friend in the band is Zayn!
Your celebrity best friend is Selena Gomez
Ship name is Emiliam!
Couple song is I’ll be by Edwin McCain
A sweet message he sends you

No more requests because I’m tired and lazy! But I may have just written a request;)

Anonymous asked: (for the ship) My name is Cristiana, I'm portuguese :p I'm the typical internet girl. I'm cool and social on twitter and all but at first sight people think I'm a weirdo, even though after they met me I'm pretty cool. Besides the fact that I play guitar, I don't do anything special I guess. I swim and dance, but not that often anymore. I just eat, sleap, go to twitter and tumblr and repeat. Thanks xx


Ship for anon(cristiana)
I ship you with Niall!
Your best friend in the band is Harry!
Your celebrity best friend is Barbara Palvin!
Ship name is Cristiall!
Couple song is Kiss me in the rain by Marianne Keith(I believe but I’m too lazy to look it up)
What he gives you for your birthday

No more requests because I’m tired and lazy! But I may have just written a request;)

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Ship for foreveradoring5idiots
I ship you with Harry!
Your best friend in the band is Niall!
Your celebrity best friend is Cher Lloyd!
Ship name is Starry!
Couple song is All of Me by John legend
the apartment y’all share
Send in ship requests! Must include a description of you!

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Ship for -1dpreffs-
I ship you with Zayn!
Your best friend in the band is Louis!
Your celebrity best friend is Jennifer Lawrence because she is perf!
Ship name is Zelsey!
Couple song is Kiss me by Ed Sheeran
A couple photo of y’all

Send in ship requests! Must include a description of you!

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